Poptarts and a Pistol isn’t just a blog, it’s a mission.

To bridge the Civil/Military Divide in a thoughtful and entertaining way.

To bring humor and sincerity to a subject in need of greater engagement.

To save America.


That might sound like hyperbole but it’s not. America is in serious trouble and what’s needed now is the power of storytelling.

Poptarts and a Pistol sets an example for Veterans who wish to seize the initiative in breaking down the walls separating the military and civilian sects of American society. No more sitting back and expecting things to magically change or demand that others fix things while we sit on a throne of entitlement.

Dispelling the injurious myths that surround military service in America. Veterans are as diverse as America. We come from all sorts of backgrounds, socioeconomic beginnings, every state in the Union – some are immigrants, political leanings, and education.

Inviting non-Vets to engage with Vets in a way that promotes the healing of our collective trauma and the moral injury of the Global War on Terrorism. We’re all in this boat together. It’s time to reach across that divide and start rebuilding our community.

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